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New Mexico State University

RHA Cribs

Image of RHA Cribs Winners

March 13th - March 24th, 2014

1st Place: Josh Grant

2nd Place: Maxie Pape

3rd Place: Kyia Lively


Watch Josh Grant's video of his winning Crib here!

Tell Your Friends

April 2nd - April 6th

Whoever brings the most amount of people to the RHA Facebook page will win a prize! When people like the page, they need to post on the wall "[Insert Name Here] brought me!" One winner will be chosen on April 6th at 11:59pm, and will be determined by the most people they got to like the page. 



April 2nd - April 6th

Anyone who like both the Crimson Crew and RHA Facebook pages (both of them) are eligible to win. One person will be chosen at random. 

Crimson Crew Facebook page.


April 2nd - April 7th

Pictures of mystery locations from random places in the residence halls will be posted at random times on the Facebook page. Whoever guesses the location of the picture first on the post will win. You are only allowed to win this contest once.