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New Mexico State University



Residence Hall Association (RHA)

New Mexico State University (NMSU)


Article I—Oath of Office

Before the RHA executive officers shall assume the duties of their offices, they shall take the following oath of office:

            I, (state name), do solemnly swear that I will discharge with justice and equity, with diligence and faithfulness, to the best of my ability, all the duties falling upon me as an officer of the Residence Hall Association, and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, uphold, and defend the constitution and by-laws of said association.

Article II-Apportionment of Residence Hall Association Representatives

Apportionment of the RHA representatives shall be based on two (2) elected representative per operation, which are selected by councils. Each representative will serve on either the RHA Public Relations Committee or the Program Committee.


Article III—Budget 

Section I—Preparation

During the month of March, it shall be the responsibility of the sitting Treasurer and President to prepare the framework for the next fiscal year’s budget. The executive board and the executive board-elect shall complete the budget by April 15, and it shall be proposed to the general assembly and presented to the Director of Housing and Residential Life. 

Section II—Approval

The RHA general assembly shall amend and approve said budget by a simple majority vote of those members present and voting.


Article V – Election Procedure

Section I – Bidding for an Executive Position

Individual running for any RHA Executive position must:

  1. submit a 2- to 4-page bid and
  2. attend and present at the general assembly meeting when elections will be held.


Section II – Election Voting and Presentation

RHA elections shall:

  1.  be held during a general assembly meeting during the spring semester;
  2. be completed in order of succession;
  3. require secret ballot voting; and
  4. shall require a clear majority of voting members. 


Article VI – Judiciary

 Section I – Impeachment and Conviction

Any executive officer may be removed from office by a written petition, and

  1. 2/3 of voting members shall vote to remove the officer, effective immediately.
  2. Upon removal from office, the RHA executive must immediately forfeit duties and responsibilities of office.
  3. The removed RHA officer will remain responsible for the housing contract, but all benefits and un-retired compensation will cease immediately.


Article VII—Administrative Appointments

Section I—Procedure

A.    The RHA President shall announce administrative appointments at general meetings.

B.     All appointments shall be approved or rejected by a majority vote of those members present and voting at the RHA general meeting.


Section II—Openings

An opening in any appointed RHA executive board position shall be announced to the council representatives and every member, afforded an opportunity for application.


Article VIII—Method of Presenting Legislation

Articles of legislation my by authored by any RHA representative and presented before the general assembly for approval. Legislation must be:

1.      Defended by an RHA Representative before the general assembly;

2.      use acceptable formatting; and

3.      pieces of legislation longer than one (1) page must be numbered.


Article IX—Executive Accountability

Each RHA Executive officer must keep a log, in accordance with the process determined by the President and advisor, which shall include hours worked to fulfill job expectations. The log shall be completed by the end of April and before officer transition to be available upon request by any person.