4. July 24-30

R6-10: The confluence of the Orlovka and Bolshoi Anyui Rivers. This was our southernmost point on the journey. (7/24/02)

R6-16: Our last night. Back row from left, Sergey Sokolov, Masha, Sergey student, Slava, Jeff. Front row from left, Sasha and Dima. (7/24/02)

R6-18: Another group photo, with Sergey the driver at the front left. (7/24/02)

R6-32: The journey home. Track vehicle became stuck in the mud twice and had mechanical troubles on two separate occasions, but our driver successfully extracted us each time. (7/26/02)

R6-38: Sokolov and Amato on the journey back to Bilibino. (7/27/02)

R7-32: Loading the vehicle in Bilibino before the flight to Magadan. (7/29/02)

R7-35: Slava's apartment in Magadan. We bought this salmon at the market for a couple dollars. (7/30/02)

R7-36: First meal in civilization. Salmon, potatoes, fresh dill, onion, bread, and of course vodka. (7/30/02)

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